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Amazing Resources You Receive:

Aromatherapy Forest

Understand how to use essential oils safely and get some of my favorite aromatherapy recipes to use for you, your family and environment.

Yoga Tepee

Learn all things yoga! Breathing techniques, yoga life-style tips, yoga practices and insights into moving your amazing body.

Meditation Room

Discover deep relaxation with guided meditations, nature-inspired videos or come and journal or be in stillness.


Ayurveda-Inspired Essential Oil Blends

These are some of my favorites essential oil blends and you get access to the recipes!

Pranayama Practices

Learn how to breathe properly and for deep relaxation to help reduce stress and anxiety. Discover this and more at the Hut!

Discover What Matters

The Inner Peace Hut will help you dive within by bringing a bit of stillness and quiet into your being. From there you will be amazed at what you discover about yourself and the ripple effects of that discovery.

Hey! I'm Gina

I'm your Muddy Tribe Guide at The Hut. I cannot put into words what all these resources I'm sharing with you have done for me. I feel less anxious and stressed out, more in-flow with life and have built a firm trust in something much bigger than myself. I hope you'll join me on this muddy journey. It's not an easy one, but it's worth the ride!

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